November 29, 2022

When you want a jersey from your favorite team, but it's too expensive or just out of stock on the official website, what should we do? Is there any way to search through search engines(google,bing,yahoo,yandx,duckduckgo and so on) to find jerseys with lower discount prices?For example,you want nba jerseys,NFL jerseys´╝îNCAA jerseys,MLB jerseys,NHL jerseys,Soccer Jerseys and so on.You cant search the keyword on the Search Engine,You need to add some prefixes like "cheap","discount" or "low price".

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Then you try to open the websites that search the home page. Generally, these websites will have cheap jerseys. However, it should be noted that some websites may sell fake jerseys, so we need to carefully distinguish the authenticity of these websites.

Today, let’s talk about how to buy authentic jerseys.
First of all, let’s summarize my personal ways to buy Jerseys:
1. Official store
First of all, the most secure and reassuring, but also the least optional: the official website where has authentic jerseys.
This official website includes Nike and Adidas, as well as the official Nike flagship store and Adidas flagship store of major e-commerce platforms. There must be genuine guarantee here. They are all purchased at the original price with few discounts, but the color matching is not necessarily complete. Oh, by the way, there are some official replica jerseys, most of which are from master Jordan.
This is the safest way, but I haven’t bought it once
2. Offline physical store
The second way is offline physical stores. This physical store includes the flagship store of the brand and the discount store of outlets.
In fact, the flagship store is no different from the official website. There are few discounts to ensure genuine products.
Olai’s discount stores are mostly some difficult to sell jerseys and some old jerseys. For example, after Nike became a sponsor of nba jerseys, I often saw ADI jerseys discounted to 2-300 in OLE. So you can take a chance and find treasure if you’re not sure.
Finally, in fact, there is another kind of physical store. I temporarily call it a large high-end NBA department store. I personally only know one store at present, which is the NBA flagship store in Wangfujing, Beijing. Here you can buy not only normal jerseys, but also limited and precious jerseys.
3. E-commerce store
The third is that search engines have found such stores.
In fact, like buying sneakers, you need to have a certain ability to identify, but the simplest way to distinguish the authenticity is: price.
Most jerseys in online stores will be cheaper than those bought on the official website and physical stores, but some limited colors are higher than the original price. In fact, they are the same as sneakers. You are like ordinary combat shoes. What search engines find is cheaper than the official website, more colors and more players, but some limited colors will be higher than the original price.
So, if you’re not sure if what you buy is true or false, then go to the appraisal after you buy it. Don’t ask me if I can. I’ll just give you a rough idea. If you really want me to identify you, my skills are not so deep.
4. Private seller
Fourth, in fact, it is the most common way for me to buy jerseys, and it is also the way I least recommend to Rookies of jerseys, that is, private sellers.
For my personal reasons, I don’t particularly like today’s jerseys. What I like to collect are some old jerseys, such as the James jerseys in Cavaliers 1.0, the James national team clothes, and the old All-Star jerseys.
Private sellers usually sell second-hand jerseys, so it is more difficult to distinguish the authenticity and there is no guarantee. Therefore, I don’t recommend friends who have just entered the jerseys pit to buy them in this way.