November 29, 2022

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On May 9,the NBA playoffs continued. Led by Tatum and Horford,the Celtics staged a good turn in the last quarter and beat the Bucks 116-108 away in the fourth game of the eastern semi-finals. The Celtics tied the total score to 2,and the fifth game of the series will return to Boston.
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The Celtics’ Tatum got 30 points,13 rebounds and 5 assists,Horford got 30 points and 8 rebounds,16 points in the last quarter,smart got 18 points and 8 assists,brown got 18 points,white got 11 points and 4 rebounds; The Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo got 34 points,18 rebounds and 5 assists,Lopez got 17 points and 7 rebounds,holiday got 16 points,7 rebounds and 9 assists,Matthews got 12 points,Connaught ton got 11 points and 7 rebounds.
In the first quarter of the competition,the Bucks quickly took the lead with a wave of 6-0 start,and the advantage in the quarter was once 10 points. However,their advantage came more from the opponent’s sluggish offensive end,which also led to the disappearance of the Bucks’ advantage when the Boston Celtics warmed up in the second quarter. The Boston Celtics once achieved anti surpassing in the inner and outer lines of the second quarter,but they could not prevent the Bucks’ core lineup led by Giannis Antetokounmpo,In particular,the letter brother scored two pairs of data of 15 + 11 in the first half to help the Bucks get a point lead and end the first half.
In the second half,the Bucks took the lead in fighting and reopened the score. They always took the initiative. In the middle of the quarter,they also regained a double-digit lead. However,hofford suddenly broke out. He scored 16 points alone in the last quarter and became the greatest hero of the Boston Celtics to turn the situation around. In addition,Tatum also ushered in the outbreak in the end. He even scored six key points,and the Boston Celtics established 10 points in one fell swoop to lay the foundation for the victory. In the end,the Celtics defeated the bucks and won the game,resulting in a 2-2 draw on the total score.