November 29, 2022

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The Golden State Warriors played away against the Memphis Grizzlies. In the first round of the competition between the two sides, Drummond green was expelled in the first half. At the critical moment, Thompson’s key three points allowed the team to get through the danger. Finally, the warriors narrowly defeated their opponents 117-116, with a total score of 1-0.
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In the first quarter, Morant hit three points in a row. Thompson responded to the long-range shot, and curry also scored three points. Then Morant got a successful layup, Wiggins responded to the throw, curry hit back, and the warriors took a 10-8 lead in the beginning. Jackson made 2 free throws in a row, Penn made a deduction, Morant made two free throws, Bain made three points and two free throws, and the Grizzlies took the lead 16-12. The warriors tied the gap with 4 points in a row. Dillon sent a long shot, Poole hit a layup, Morant helped fly Clark and curry sent a second foul. Then the Grizzlies blew out a wave of 9-0 and opened the 10 point gap in an instant. Rooney hit the make-up basket, Morant succeeded in the layup, Poole scored the last point, and the warriors fell 24-32 into the second quarter.
In the second quarter, little Jackson made a successful layup, Wiggins made two free throws, little Jackson sent 2 + 1, Bain hit a jump shot, and the warriors were 12 points behind. Poole made two free throws, little Jackson gave three points, and the warriors fell behind 29-42. Poole sent two long shots in a row, Porter made up the basket, Wiggins made a successful jump shot, and the warriors chased it to 39-42. Clark scored points under the basket, Merton scored well under the basket, green made two free throws and one, Wiggins scored points under the basket, and the warriors fell 42-46 behind. Tillman hit the throw, Merton fought back successfully, then Wiggins ate the cake and took points, cumminga sent a violent deduction, and the warrior was close to a 3-point gap. Clarke made a 59-59 penalty, followed by Clarke’s two free throws and Clarke’s two free throws. Cumminga made up the basket, Morant sent the limit whistle, and the warriors fell 55-61 into the second half.
Yi Bian fought again. A 3 + 1 at the corner of curidi achieved a reverse score for the warriors. Jackson and Morant fought back successfully, and the Grizzlies took the initiative again. The score alternated between the two sides, and then the two sides took the lead by three points. Thompson cut the basket and finished the one handed split button. After three quarters of the war, the warriors achieved the reverse surpassing with 91-90.
At the end of the quarter, Poole and Dillon had three points against each other. Poole hit the layup, Thompson sent three points, Poole hit back, and then Thompson threw the shot successfully. The warriors opened 12-3, opening a 10 point gap. Bain’s free throw hit, Morant gave three points, little Jackson made two free throws and gave three points, and the Grizzlies returned 9-0 to 102-103. Peyton cut and deducted violently, Morant threw and took points, curry sent three points, and the warriors took the lead 108-104. Morant tied the layup, then assisted Clark to score, and the Grizzlies tied the score. Wiggins made two free throws, Dillon sent a violent deduction, and the two sides drew 110. Morant scored points in the layup, but missed the penalty. Wiggins sent a violent deduction. Morant hit the throw, and the Grizzlies took the lead 114-112. Peyton’s air cut layup was successful, Morant assisted Clark to take points, and the Grizzlies 116-114 exceeded 2 points. Thompson sent three points to stop bleeding. Curry’s block Morant and the Grizzlies were forced to start the Foul Tactics in the last 11.2 seconds. Thompson rarely missed two free throws, but the warriors fought for the ball. The Grizzlies fought for the right to the ball, Morant missed the winner with a low hand layup, and the Grizzlies lost. Finally, the warriors defeated the Grizzlies 117-116, with a total score of 1-0.