June 7, 2023

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NBA playoff today:Curry led the team to a successful counter attack in the fourth quarter,and the warriors beat the Grizzlies 101-98 at home in the fourth game of the Western semi-finals. The warriors changed the total score to 3-1 and got the match point. The fifth game of the series will return to Memphis.

The warriors’ curry got 32 points,5 rebounds and 8 assists,Wiggins got 17 points and 10 rebounds,Thompson got 14 points and 7 rebounds,Poole got 14 points,6 rebounds and 5 assists,Potter got 12 points,green got 2 points,11 rebounds and 5 assists; Grizzlies’ Jackson got 21 points and 5 rebounds,Jones got 19 points,6 rebounds and 5 assists,Anderson got 17 points and 8 rebounds,Adams got 10 points and 15 rebounds.
At the beginning,the warriors entered the game slowly,and the Grizzlies seized the opportunity to make continuous mistakes. They made a good start and established a lead. Curry also helped the warriors bite the score by successively cutting into the inner line layup. In the second quarter,the warriors continued to score three points,and Porter finally hit the 16th shot on the outer line. However,the Grizzlies did not have Morant,and the offensive end was not smooth. After playing most of the sections,both sides got six points respectively,and the Grizzlies continued to lead by three points in the half.
In the third quarter,the two sides started a tug of war. The feel of the warriors’ medium and long-range shots finally improved,but the Grizzlies still had a huge advantage in the inside line and always kept the lead. Anderson became a special soldier to help the Grizzlies lead to 7 points. In the last quarter,the Grizzlies hit a small climax and once opened the difference to double digits. However,curry immediately fired continuous outside shots to help the warriors bite the score,and the suspense remained until the end. Curry hit a series of killing free throws at the critical moment to surpass the score,Little Jaron missed three points. Finally,the warrior reversed the narrow victory over the Grizzlies and got the match point 3-1.