November 29, 2022

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The suns and the pelican are absent, and the pelican is absent. In the first quarter, Booker connected, crowder hit the first ball from three points, Hayes made a layup, Paul made two shots in succession, ayton and Booker also scored one after another, and the Suns took an 8-2 lead of 11-4. Varanjonas dunked and Hayes dunked points, ayton made two free throws, Ingram scored three points and mccullem tied 13-13. ayton slammed the button with the CIC and scored another 4 points. McCullough’s CIC and Jones exceeded one point by 2 + 1. ayton continued to hit the CIC, and McCullough’s 2 + 1 three-point attack with Johnson. Pelican scored 4 points in a row. Mccullem hit Johnson with a malicious foul at the first level. The pushing and shoving of both players was stopped in time, and Johnson hit both free throws. McGee made two free throws and bridges hit the middle shot. Murphy responded with a super long three-point return. In the first quarter, the sun drew 28-28 with Pelican.
At the beginning of the second quarter, volanchunas was replaced for the third foul. The two teams missed the iron one after another. Only xiaonans made up the basket and got 2 points in the first three minutes. Paul hit the center shot, Murphy scored another three points, byumbo hooked and Paul made two free throws, and scored more than one point. Little Nancy glided for a layup, and Jones scored four points in a row. Bridges made two free throws, Paul caught up with the difference of 1 point, and Pelican scored with two shots in a row, leading the team to play a wave of 13-2 offensive to expand the lead by 12 points. Bridges layup, McCullough shot, bridges continued to hit from three points, McCullough hit back from the center shot, Penn hit from three points, Xiao NANs hit the catch-up basket, and the Suns fell 48-58 behind pelican in the first half. In the first two quarters, 3 pelicans scored double, 2 Suns scored double, and 1 of Booker’s 4 scored only 2 points.
Yi Bian and Claude threw a 2 + 1 shot to catch up with Paul’s CIC. valanciunas CIC and mccullem had three points to expand their 10 point advantage. Paul caused mccullem’s fourth foul. Paul led the team to blossom at many points and played a wave of 10-4 offensive to catch up with the difference of 4 points. Varanqiunas hooked and hit. Paul scored another 3 goals and scored 7 points, including one score and three points. Mccullem had his fifth foul. Bridges made a three-point hit, with the sun 10-0 exceeding 4 points, the pelican 5 points in a row exceeding 1 point, the sun 4 points in a row, and the pelican 7-0 exceeding 4 points in a row. The sun chased for another 3 points, the pelican continued to score another 4 points, bridges layup chased for points, and the sun fell 82-85 behind the pelican at the end of the third quarter. Paul scored 23 points and 5 assists for 10 out of 10 in the first three quarters (13 points for 6 out of 6 in the third quarter), leading three Suns to score double and four pelicans to score double.
At the beginning of the last quarter, Booker hit the middle shot, valanciunas and Aton completed a make-up shot respectively, Alvarado broke through the layup, and Aton continued to bite the score. Ingram hit the center shot, Johnson made up the basket and scored five points in a row, but exceeded two points. Alvarado made two free throws and Booker hit two points. Ingram reached a 95-95 draw with three points, Paul hit the medium shot, Murphy returned with three points, Paul continued to hit the medium shot, Alvarado broke through the board and hit, and the two teams then failed to hit the iron in a row. Paul broke through the throw hit, and the two sides failed to hit the iron again. Claude suffered the fifth foul, and Paul sent Alvarado two free throws, all of which exceeded 1 point. Paul assists Aton in air receiving and slamming, Ingram hits the counter basket, Paul assists Booker with three points and bridges steals and counter slamming, and the Suns surpasses 4 points to stop the pelican. Paul broke through Alvarado’s foul and made two free throws to expand the 6-point advantage. Little Nancy broke through the 2 + 1 hit. Paul continued to tilt back and hit the center shot, and Ingram hit the fast layup. Booker was fouled two free throws, Ingram missed the key three points, Claude grabbed the backboard and was fouled two free throws and one in to win the game. Ingram continued to miss three points, and finally the Suns narrowly beat the pelican to advance.

images via NBA.COM