November 29, 2022

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The Suns lost, and chris Paul lost all of the last game 7, which is an insurmountable record in the NBA.
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In fact, before today’s game, Paul lost all of the game 7 six times in a row, which was already the NBA record. After Paul lost again, he refreshed his record.
In the early stage of Paul’s career, most of the playoffs ended in defeat, so “touching the west to decide the floor” has become a difficult goal for him.
He finally achieved this goal, but he rarely won in the Seventh World War in the playoffs.
Before today, the last time he played seven games was in 2020. He just joined the thunder. Facing the old owner thunder, the thunder lost by 2 points in the seventh game.
In 2018, Paul, who was playing for the rockets at that time, met the warriors in the Western Conference finals, scored the seventh, and the Rockets lost. But that time, Paul missed the last two games because of his injury.
Before today’s war, Suns coach Monty Williams also encouraged Paul, but it didn’t work. The Suns fell behind. Paul had only 10 points and 4 assists in the end.