March 22, 2023

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In the east semi-finals of the NBA playoffs, the Celtics defeated the Bucks 109-81 and reach to the east finals by 4-3 points. In this game, the Celtics hit a total of 22 three points, creating a record of three-point hits in the game 7 in NBA history.
In this game, the Celtics finally defeated the bucks with the advantage outside the three-point line. They shot 55 times outside the three-point line, hitting 22 records, and the three-point hit rate reached 40%. For the Bucks, only 4 of 33 shots outside the three-point line, with a three-point hit rate of 12%.
The Celtics won 54 points with only three-point goals.
The Celtics made 22 three-point hits, setting a record for the number of three-point hits in the game 7 in NBA history. The previous record was 20 three-point hits by the Clippers in the game 7 between the clippers and the lone ranger last season.